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Snail Jesus Rides Again! Snail Jesus Rides Again!

Rated 0 / 5 stars

Poor - even in humour.

Whatever way you look at this... this is animation of the lowest grade. I'm not sure whether you're making a calculated attempt to start a new fad or this is actually your sense of humour and this brings you amusement... either way: my genuine advice is to note down a couple of ideas for an animation; consult an adult or someone who's opinion you respect and use the idea that appeals to them the most; the other ideas you can tear off from whatever paper you've scribbled them on and line a pet rodent's cage with them. The idea that you're left with can STILL be improved upon I'm sure... work at it. Hopefully some originality of characters and situation can come from redrafts or reworkings of your initial idea. The cut and paste style you've got going on is tiresome, watch some of your favourite animations and see what kind of movements seem to fit characters more, try and give life to you're characters instead of merely have them slide statically from one end of the screen to the other. Hopefully, if you actually have some passion for animation you can create a piece of worth and redeem yourself to anyone that has witnessed this lame animation, doubtful as it is that the foul taste will leave anyone's mouth... that's bile, by the way.

If you've read this, I'm pleased; I hope you can think about what you've done and feel a little bit of shame for the low quality of your animation... not only have you (allegedly) wasted 3 weeks of your time... but you've wasted a couple of minutes of mine. I didn't have to watch, sure, I didn't have to leave a review either: but I thought I'd do you a favour and lay it out clearly. Best of the luck in the future, for the sake of your time as well as everyone else on newgrounds.


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Anyone can be beaten Anyone can be beaten

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Good gag man...

Don't want to spoil the ending, but this thing does have a good punchline... the animation is a little shoddy, but the motion and frame work is quite smooth. Also, I don't know if you knew this... but if a ball touches the net before it goes over... the other player gets the point. Good work though, keep at it.

Bodie responds:

I dont know exactly what you mean with the ball touching the net, in Australia, if the ball hits the net and then goes in, and then hits the ground a second time before the player on that side(in this case the duracell bunny) can hit it, that player loses that point. Its basically just like a normal shot, but it gets slowed down by the net

Deus Deus

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

pretty nifty stuff, you've done better though...

not bad... I like the art (although simplistic), and admitedly the story was lacking somewhat, but I liked it... I prefered armless boy but still, i enjoyed this. I would have liked a stickier end to the ponytailed antagonist though. Keep at it, your stuff is good, I only gave the sound a 6 because it could have done with some diegetic sound effects.

Martin EP 1 Martin EP 1

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This should be a feature length movie!

This is hillarious, why on earth did you make the matrix revolutions animation so terrible when you can clearly make funny pieces of flash. This movie reminds me of "Clerks" both the movie and animated series. The artwork in this piece was a little rough in parts but the product placement and voicework cover it, a regular series of this would put a grin on alot of peoples faces.

Matrix Revolutions Matrix Revolutions

Rated 2 / 5 stars

The worst matrix parody the internet has to offer.

I'm appalled, that was awful. It helps if you have a small understanding of a film before you mock it. I agree, the final instalment of the trilogy had some plot holes, I'm afraid you're animation barely touched upon them. Instead you chose to steal a few gags and hoped the artwork would carry the terrible story. Although the art was reasonably well done, the plot and humor left alot to be desired, and let's not mention the bad voice impersonations and even worse soundtrack selections. I'm going to check out you're other submissions, I hope to god they're better than this one.

The Final Task The Final Task

Rated 5 / 5 stars

It's what "samurai jack" should have been.

I would honestly love to see a longer animation of this, looping it over and over again isn't quite enough. Super stylish, cool art and a nifty sountrack too. Quite honestly the best looking flash animation I've seen.

The only critisism I have is that I would like to know more about the character and story, although, by leaving it without dialogue it is universal, thus unveiling the art to a larger audience. In all I'm very impessed, and glad to see this sort of thing is possible.

Balthor's Tales From Hell Balthor's Tales From Hell

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I hope when I die, Hell is this funny!

Matzerath, If I wasn't so sinfully fond of my hair and wore a hat... I'd take it off to you! (My hat not my hair). Once again you're cartoon had me laughing industrial brand cola through my nose.

The old "guy left drooling/twitching" gag is always a favourite, I only gave the graphics an 8 because I feel you could experiment more with your animations. The annoying quote in the co-ed room would have driven me crazy too, good work.

Blue or red pill?? Blue or red pill??

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

It would have made the movie much shorter!

Very funny, one of the few good matrix spoofs, made me cringe slightly at the sight of Trinity's stubble but still highly amusing. I'm afraid I can't think of any pointers, maybe some sound effects of Neo's catastrophic situation over the end credits.